The D Word

The internet really is a wonderful thing. Especially when it brings communities together and allows people to share empowering messages about topics they possibly have never thought about before. Recently my friend, fellow disabled activist and selfie queen Karin Hitselberger (@Karinonwheels) started the hashtag #DisabledIsNotABadThing

I absolutely love this as so many people daren’t say the ‘D’ word around me.  There’s always a pause after someone says “You’re not disabled, you’re…”
I thought I would write a short blog post to laugh at all the different ways people have referred to me:

“Differently Abled”
“like everyone else, just smaller” (Really!?)
“One in a million”
“very special”
“Just sat down”
“Could teach most people a few lessons”
“Always happy”
“Just Gemma”
“A small package”
“never moan” (i do)
“Just happen to be in a chair”
“So brave”
“the way you are”
“born a fighter” (lol)

To summarise, it’s ok to say disabled. It’s not offensive. I’m not going to say “HOW VERY DARE YOU!”  I am pretty disabled and that’s not going to change. So as entertaining as these phrases are, gu on I dare ya… say the D word!

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