How to build your brand online

I'm very lucky now that I get to call myself a full time content creator. It's still a job that some people don't consider 'real'. Whatever that looks like anyway. But, to get to a point where you can live, pay your bills and buy nice things by being a content creator takes hard work and dedication. I've been getting questions recently about how I managed to create this career, so I thought I'd share some tips that I wish I would have known back then…

Dare to be cringe

Okay, you might have that idea in your head but "you could never". Everyone you went to school with would laugh at you or people you know would be sharing your videos in the girls' DMs. Well, yes they might do that. But I tell you what they will do also. Once you create some success and see some of the rewards and gigs you get - they'll be the first ones in YOUR comments and DMs, trust me on that one ;). Life is short to not do want your want just because someone else might think something that you will never truly know anyway.

Create your own consistency

Everyone says consistency is key, and yes I think that's true - but I also think as a disabled person that can look different for everyone. For me, I use a lot of repeated content but in different ways. It's about story telling, not new content every time you share something. If you scroll on my Instagram, you'll see I use a lot of the same clips - but there's usually a different message each time. No one cares if you're wearing the same jumper. Do what you can not what you think you should be doing.

Choose your look online

I think something that's not said enough is recognition. And not as in being famous - but knowing WHO you are at a glance when your content pops up. Whether that's because of the font you use, words you say or how you say it. People like to connect with people they know. So even if that's just a particular colour you use in your logo - this will create some level of professionalism that people will start to connect with and know what to look for when searching for you

Give people a reason to engage

Sometimes you can create a great piece of content but it's just passive. It's like window shopping. Content is great when there's a thought provoking question - a call to action. Something like "can you relate? what do you think? or something that goes like wildfire: have you got any advice?" people LOVE to give advice (so do I to be fair).

Create for fun, not for success

And finally - this one for me is the most important. You HAVE to have fun and create what you enjoy. The more it becomes a chore the more the audience will see that too. Have fun, throw things out there to test the waters. You'll soon find out what you love and your audience loves too.

I really hope this helps in some way! These are all genuine ways I have created the career I have now. And let me know on my socials below if you're starting out or have any other questions with creating your personal brand. Best of luck!