Sunshine, Celebrations and Job Applications

Right, yep I know it’s been a while. I can only apologise. Life has been full of socialising, (minor) health issues and life planning recently. Have no fear however, this post is aimed to give you a glimpse into what I’ve been up to while I’ve been a bit quiet on here.

Starting with the sunshine. Remember in a previous post I talked about wearing denim and flowers for a chilled look? Well here’s an example when we had those three days of hot sun. Remember that!? I know it’s hard to think about when I’m currently looking out of the window to see heavy rain.

Gem in wheelchair with a cardboard box as footrest

By the way ignore the elephant in the room (the cardboard box) my chair had a bit of a revamp so this was an interim foot stool So first of all let’s talk about this great dress from New Look. It should be a top for others but small perks and all that. It’s so great for when it’s so hot as it flows nicely. I do have to tie the straps to fit my shoulders but apart from that it fits like a dream. Now we can’t ignore the shoes, obviously one of my river island numbers. These have holes in them so perfect to get a bit of air to my tootsies. Overall I love this look and know this dress is a defo keeper.

For celebrations, I’m very lucky that in my job I have lots of opportunities to get dressed up. So here’s my fave outfit of the moment. Confession – it’s actually a playsuit but I was in such a rush to the event I ended up putting it on wrong and putting both legs in one leg. LOL. Anyway it all worked out well – perks of sitting down 24/7. Then I teamed it with a kids scarf from River Island that cost me £3!

Gem in green dress and leapord print scarf

I’ve got to admit it’s not the easiest to get on and if you need to wee put at least 20 mins in your diary to manage it. But it’s a winner for me and can be used for formal and casual occasions.

And finally – the main reason I’ve been a bit quiet, job applications. Now getting a job interview is scary at the best of times but for me my outfit really changes how I feel and can help me feel as confident as possible with something that you’re not going to be fidgeting with. So in this particular interview I went for a floral look with my smart navy shoes. 

So that’s my summary of the last weird couple of months using my fave outfits. I think reflecting on this post makes me realise that sometimes you have to adapt a little to make things work and make the most of what’s available to you. You might not put your playsuit on right or you have to have a cardboard box on under your feet.

You just do you and make it work. Don’t you think?