Simple Sparkle

Sometimes in life if you’ve got other things going on, being sparkly is not on top of the agenda. Recently I’ve not been feeling my best, getting ready for the day has been a little harder to do with some health problems to contend with. So, I decided this week to post some top tips on what I’ve been doing lately to sparkle with minimal effort.

Do a bit a’Denim

Recently I bought myself a denim shirt from I’ve always wanted one but the sleeves have always been so long. The material is usually so thick I feel like a scarecrow with my arms stuck in one position. But, I found a great one that is not only short sleeved but thin material so I can easily still move about. Here’s the link if you’re interested. I absolutely love it and finishes any outfit off with an edgy casual look. The best bit – it was only six pounds. What a bargain.

Now when I said minimal effort, I would be lying if I said this was but, it’s the thought that counts ey? So to get it on there’s a lot of Lara Croft moves involved. However, I’ve wanted a denim playsuit for so long but each one I’ve tried I just can’t into. This is either because of the shape or lack of stretch. I need short but wide leg space, stretchy waist and short straps. It’s taken a while but I FOUND IT and I am in love. It’s even got adjustable straps!
I know, please don’t judge it is a little pricey but I’ve been looking for so long and it’s everything I’ve wanted and more.

Flower Power

One the the best ways to look like you know what you’re doing when you haven’t got a clue is hair accessories. Recently I bought a stretchy flower hair band to finish (and start) my look. Even if you’ve got a simple outfit on, flowers just make it that extra special. My latest buy was one from New Look which has my fave coral colours in and so easy to get on. *note sometimes it does slip so get some grippy clips in there to seal the deal* (I had to google that to make sure I’m not actually talking about seals). Anyway match it with the denim and you’re onto a winner.

Get yer ‘oops in

Going for the hoop earrings is always a staple look. I do have to be careful as I don’t really have much of a neck going on so the smaller the better for me. I have some great rose gold earrings I got ages ago from New Look that just go perfectly with those famous fave shoes I talk about all the time. It’s a simple way to accessorise yourself quickly too. Unless you’ve got a separate back to the earring and it takes ages to get it on of course. I always tend to get for the snap backs that are attached, saves time and energy. What you want when you’re in a rush!

Sparkly Eyes

Now I don’t know much about psychology but from experience if you’re not sure on your outfit try a bit of sparkle on your eyes. If make up is something you’re into give it a try. It will steal the show and make you look like you’ve made a massive effort. Barry M do a great range of sparkly eye shadow. This Christmas however, I treated myself to Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Gel Sparkle. It was limited edition in the colour ‘Champagne’ so I think it’s out of stock now but I’ll link you to the other colours that are available. It is expensive but I wear it a few times a week and mine has hardly gone down. A swipe of this is all you need to look ready for the day.

Thank you for reading this. Hope you enjoyed that little summary of how I style in simple ways, let me know if you have any secrets too – I would love to know!