Shoes Glorious Shoes

Now, let's be honest getting shoes that fit you can be a tricky task for any person. If you're 22 years old and a kids size 11 it's pretty hard to find the perfect shoe. Purchasing some that don't have dinosaurs or hearts on them are really difficult. So when I see a pair that I like and fit, I have to get them (price depending obviously).

I thought I'd use this post to give you the run down of my favourite high street shops I look in to get the perfect shoe and what each shop has to offer for adults that need kids size shoes. If I specifically want to get a pair of shoes for an occasion I look at a handful of trusty shops. They are, in no particular order:


This is a great place to go to if you have a particular occasion you want to go to that you want to look extra smart in. Sometimes you can get great deals and usually pay no more than £25 for a good pair of ballet pumps. The only down side I would say is they're quite same-y. Classic glittery pump. Don't get me wrong I am the last person to not like glitter but they could do with a little more choice. Still, if that's what you're looking for - a great shout.


Probably a place where I get my everyday shoe from. I find the quality here is great and in recent years they've really stepped up (no pun intended) their game to making more adult looking shoes - a winner for me!


Now, a little pricer and not somewhere I shop often, but bear with me. If you're after higher end trainers or shoe this is your perfect place. I've often been in the sales at John Lewis and picked a few pairs.


This is my second go to after Next for my everyday wear shoes. For any kind of cheap pump or ballet shoe you can't go wrong. I would say the only down side is the quality can mean they don't last as long and because they don't have a website it's not as easier to find the right size. However you can't beat a spontaneous bargain shoe buy if you find the right pair!


Only recently discovered and oh my giddy gosh, it's like a small person's heaven. A little out of my price range alas, as you have shoes ranging from £25-£225. BUT, if you're looking for designer brands that are uber adult looking and have beautiful patterns - this is your dream.


Last but in no means certainly not the least, actually my favourite shop. Since the store brought out kids' shoes I have absolutely loved their range. I find that their choices are all so modern and fashionable and not too pricey. I will leave you with a picture of my all time favourite pair of shoes I got from River Island. My Rose Gold Brogues

I know, aren't they beautiful.

If you have any additional suggestions, please feel free to share below!