Sharing is Caring

So today I was going to write about the new shoes I bought this week but something else is on my mind. Recently I bought a dress, and it’s incredible. It’s my fave colour, coral. It fits me just right, such a spring look and you can even tie the bow accessory where you want it. When I wore it for the first time the other day and I got compliments I would feel embarrassed knowing in my head it was a maternity dress. I made a big deal out of it and said “don’t tell anyone but…” similar to what I said in my Sitting in Style post. I was even nervous to post the link to the dress on here…

Then it got me thinking, why do I do this? Why should I feel embarrassed for wearing a dress that is a little bit wider and stretchier at the bottom. Perfect for me! It does the job and I absolutely love it.

It kind of relates to my life really. As a disabled person, I constantly do things differently to others to suit me, like how I get around and even doing every day things but that’s cool and I’ll share as much or as little of that information as I want. I feel like we’re in a time now where it’s normal to share absolutely everything about ourselves, especially on social media. But, I don’t have to explain anything or make excuses about what I wear.  I’m 23 tomorrow and this is something that I’m only just starting to realise and feel comfortable about.

So this is a bit of a weird post really to say, if you need kids shoes, get them. If you’re not feeling a certain size and want to get the next size up or down, just do it. It’s so much better enjoying your outfit knowing you’re working it than following the crowd and feeling conscious. So here it is my maternity dress that I am loving!

If you can relate to this I would love to know your thoughts!

Oh and if you did want to know about the shoes I bought, basically there are some new *limited edition* shoes in River Island. One pair is in the pic above and they just make me really happy. I’m sure in my next few posts you’ll see the other two pairs I bought!