I've broken over 300 bones - does it hurt?

When I announce to people I meet that I’ve broken over 300 bones, naturally people are shocked, I think I would be too. I mean talk about excessive. I just chuckled at my own joke. Actually announce is probably the wrong word. It’s not like I say “I’m Gemma and I’ve broken over 300 bones” but I always chuckle when I’m with a new group of friends who say I’ve only broken one bone… have you ever broken a bone?” Er how long have you got…?

What I find strange, but again natural is people asking if it hurts. People thinking that if it’s a regular occurrence it will somehow hurt less, or I will be invincible and feel no pain. This is not true. I suppose you could say I have a high pain tolerance. But no, it doesn’t hurt less, I think you just know how to deal with it. Let’s just say I recognise a lot of the A&E staff and have catch ups with the Plaster cast staff.

With this blog, and in life I try and show everyone how I’m totes ok and everything’s great. It’s not traumatic, but it is a part of my life. I don’t break as much as I’m getting older, and I probably have about 1 or 2 bad breaks a year. I suppose it’s something I’m nervous to tell people because I don’t want pity. You can also guarantee it always then is followed up by LOADS of other questions, understandably but I have to be in the right mood and frame of mind to answer them. I have a set answer depending on the situation. I’m sure my other brittle friends do too.

It does mean I may be living with broken bones or small cracks whilst carrying on with working, socialising and doing life. It’s all about trying to balance everything. Shout out to any friends (especially extroverts) who are also feeling it at this time of year. And remember, you’re not missing out if you take time for yourself.

To end this post I thought I’d tell you my top stories of breaking bones.

1. I once broke my shoulder at school by sneezing, in the silent zone of the library. Ooft, talk about wrong place at the wrong time.

2. I was chasing my brother down a road, drove over a speed bump in my wheelchair and broke my leg

3. I broke my knees doing donuts in a club and crashing into the dj booth – lol classic

4. I broke my arm putting a box of pencils on my head which I was around 5, I don’t think the doctor ever believed that one.

5. I broke my leg whilst reading Harry Potter – Goblet of Fire (never finished it)

So having Brittle Bones is not all bad, it definitely comes with some interesting Ice Breakers… oops pardon the pun! Do you have OI? I’m sure you have some funny stories too!

If you’d like to learn more about Brittle Bones, Osteogenesis Imperfecta check out the UK’s charity website: http://www.brittlebone.org/