How to start journaling

Just when the year 2023 started I was suddenly dealing one of the hardest losses I’ve ever experienced. Hard hitting grief felt so heavy and I couldn’t imagine forward planning my year, I was just getting through the next hour. I was entering the year sad, living a house that (half) wasn’t built for me, having winter aches and constant tiredness. (Don’t worry it gets better…). In fact, my most recent journal entry included the sentence “my life feels eerily calm” - we’ll unpack that in another post.

Back to it… How did I get through 2023 I hear no one ask… yep, journaling. I know it may sound wishy washy but it’s true. I kind of see it like another version of talking but you can really think and share your deep thoughts with yourself. Not only that but if you also include good times, proud moments and thoughts, you can look back in times of need.

Journaling for me is about writing whatever you feel. Or what you have done that day or even goals for the future. There’s no set rules and I think that’s what may put some people off, it did for me anyway. But, if that’s something that puts you off - below I’ve shared a resource to get you started. These are 8 prompts you can write down and finish the sentence. This will then hopefully open up more thoughts you haven’t maybe acknowledged yet or realise you still have.

Anyway, please feel free to download this free resource and let me know how you get on!

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Gem's Journal Prompts Resource 📝